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April 30, 2007

BOF: Online distribution of scientific research

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Paris, springtime, and a birds-of-a-feature session about sharing research data online. Does it get any better than that?!?  I’d love to go…

Excerpted from XTech 2007:

Online distribution of scientific research

Gavin Bell (Nature), Alf Eaton (Nature)

17:30 Tuesday May 15

BOF Amphitheatre A

This BOF session will cover several themes important to those developing and promoting tools for scientific research, collaboration and publishing online.

  1. Identifiers and Identity: To be able to combine research on information from disparate sources, topics need to be clearly identified: molecules, documents, authors and data all need identifiers. What are the successful initiatives in this area, how have they succeeded and what’s still needed?
  2. Documents and Datasets: Openness, access to and re-use of results. Storage and distribution of datasets, large and small. The future of document formats for publishing the results of scientific research online.
  3. Collaboration, Contribution and Credit: Developing tools for constant data sharing and discussion while research is in progress, rather than much later when the work is finished. Credit for contributions outside the traditional sphere of academic publishing.

If you’re interested in these topics and able to attend, please email Alf Eaton so we can get an idea of preferences — or feel free to attend anyway.

Thanks to Alf Eaton at HubLog for the link.

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