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July 13, 2011

Recognition for Datasets in an NSF Biosketch

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I pulled together an NSF Biosketch for the first time last week.  In so doing I got the opportunity to read the NSF Biosketch instructions up close and personal.

Have you noticed?

Patents, copyrights and software systems developed may be substituted for publications.  But it says nothing about datasets.

Synergistic Activities can include development of databases to support research and education.  That almost sounds like you can list datasets, but it could be a lot clearer.

NSF and people who can influence NSF (all of us), let’s update this!  How about Patents, copyrights, datasets, and software systems developed may be substituted for publications and development of datasets or databases to support research and education.

Or other suggestions?  What is the mechanism for proposing and working toward an update?

I’m not sure how often anyone actually reads the NSF Biosketch instructions.  But when someone does, it should be clear that Datasets may have Value as first-class research output.

In the mean time, I’m choosing the forgiveness-rather-than-permission model.  My Biosketch now includes the Data from our Nature letter to the editor as one of my “Relevant Publications” through its Dryad citation.  If you have a dataset that you think deserves a seat at the table, I encourage you to do the same.  Let’s recognize the culture change from the top down and the bottom up.


  1. I’ve often included data sets in my NSF bio bibliography.

    Comment by Mark — July 21, 2011 @ 7:36 pm

  2. […] This is a great opportunity!  Right now the NIH biosketch instructions only include peer-reviewed articles in the publication section, and only provides impact signalling through journal titles.  Inclusion of nontraditional research products in NIH biosketches, and the opportunity to give the research products context through impact metrics, would be a very important signal and incentive for rich scholarship.   (Note: NSF biosketch instructions need the same overhaul.) […]

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