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November 9, 2011

designing an awesome total-impact api

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APIs are awesome.  They let other people leverage your product and make unexpected things.  Total-impact exists because it could be built quickly on the APIs of others.

So total-impact itself should have an awesome and easy to use api.

We’ve made huge strides in this regard in the last few days.  We now have an api roadmap and have implemented the first part of it.  The total-impact web app will soon be doing all its data accesses through this api.  We really like saying we are built on our own api : )

Play around with the examples below and see what you think (please don’t use the api heavily or in production yet: it isn’t doing good caching, etc).  Suggestions for improvements in the design are very welcome!

Initial implementation includes:

  • GET /items/ID1,ID2,ID3 or GET /items/ID1,ID2,ID3.html
    • returns html for those IDs, as it would appear on the total-impact website.
  • GET /items/ID1,ID2,ID3.json
    • all metrics info in json format
  • GET /items/ID1,ID2,ID3.xml
    • all metrics info in xml format
  • GET /items/ID1,ID2,ID3.json?fields=biblio,aliases,metrics,debug
    • allows subsetting the metrics info returned

Examples:  (to try other IDs replace / in IDs with %252F)

Full roadmap in the works (feedback encouraged!)

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