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May 29, 2012

Hey fans of #altmetrics, please sign the petition. #openaccess

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Interested in #altmetrics?  Heck, interested in good old CITATIONS?  Measurements need data, and papers are data.  Collecting attributions, and even more importantly the context around those attributions, requires computer-friendly access to the scientific literature.

This total-impact blog post explains how the #openaccess petition will help:

Open impact metrics need #openaccess. Please sign.

Something exciting is going on.  A petition for increased access to the scientific literature is gathering steam.  If it gets 25k signatures in 30 days — and it looks like it will get many more — the proposal will go to Obama’s desk for integration into policy.

Total-Impact urges you to sign this petition and share it with others.  We have :)

Improved access to the research literature is *essential* if we want innovative systems to track the impact of scholarly research products within the scholarly ecosystem.

As far as we know, there is only one cross-publisher open computer-accessible source for citations: PubMed Central. And the only cross-publisher search of full text that can be reused by computer programs? Comes from PubMed Central.  PubMed Central is awesome, but it only has NIH-funded biomedical literature. Scholarship needs these resources for all research literature.  This petition is an important step.

Please go sign the petition and spread the word.  #altmetrics #OAMonday #openaccess #theFutureIsComing

If you are interested in info about science — info that will facilitate innovation around discovery, recommendation, diverse research products, publishing processes, and attribution — please sign the petition.  Please sign it today (more info, technical help, emphasis that non-Americans can sign, etc).

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