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June 28, 2012

Thomson Reuters announces subscription-based data citation tracking tool

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Big news in the data citation world this week.  Thomson Reuters has announced its Data Citation Index.  The Index will be a resource within the subscription-based Web of Knowledge application.  It is scheduled for release later this year.  The index will initially include ICPSR; many other data repositories have been receiving emails this week about how they can join too.

This announcement good news, because at the moment none of the major citation-tracking tools track datasets.

I do hope Thomson quickly provides an API to enable others to build upon this data citation index, and that the fee structure is designed to be accessible to individual scientists, small data repositories, and startup tool builders.

Closed data about open data is better than No Data about open data, for sure.  This Thomson announcement is good news.

That said, in the public-good world of research, we’ll go further with Open Data about our Open Data.  Bring on the competition!

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