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July 2, 2012

Citation11k: Method section — study attributes #draftInProgress

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The next installment in my #draftInProgress series on Open Data citation advantage.  I think this section can be short and sweet.


Methods: study attributes

Piwowar 2011 collected 124 attributes for each of the gene expression microarray studies in our sample.  The subset of attributes previously shown or suspected to correlate with citation rate were included in the current analysis:

  • date of publication
  • journal
  • journal impact factor (2008)
  • journal open access status
  • size of the journal
  • number of authors
  • years since first publication by the first and last author
  • number of papers published by first and last author
  • number of PubMed Central citations received by first and last author
  • country of corresponding author
  • institution of corresponding author
  • institution mean citation score
  • study topic (human/animal study, cancer/not cancer, etc.)
  • NIH funding of the study, if applicable


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