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June 27, 2010

Open science and data sharing at Evolution 2010 and iEvoBio

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I’m at the Evolution 2010 conference and will be attending the iEvoBio meeting (inspired by a similarly scoped conference for the domain of genome informatics, the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, BOSC).

Here’s a quick list of upcoming open science and data sharing discussions that I’m aware of:

  • data archiving meeting today, Sunday June 27th, 5-6pm in room A106 (PDF listing)
  • Dryad table and team in the NESCent booth
  • Dryad talk at iEvoBio
  • iEvoBio meeting with a commitment to open source code
  • one or more lightning talks at iEvoBio will include open notebook science
  • birds-of-a-feature on open notebook science at iEvoBio
  • several of the journal editorial board meetings are discussing data sharing policies

If you are at Evolution and interested in a variant of open science, drop me a line and we can get in touch!  hpiwowar nescent org

February 24, 2010

Thanks, Science Commons Symposium

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Thank you, Lisa Green and Hope Leman.  Thank you, all the speakers and participants who travelled from far and wide to Seattle.  The recent Science Commons Symposium, Pacific Northwest, was fantastic.

I met, in person, many people I’d only corresponded with on the intertubes, and met many others I’m looking forward to corresponding with in the future.  I was inspired, informed, reinspired.

I’m still head-down in my thesis and so won’t give a rundown of the presentations or discussions.  For those of you who missed it, there are several great summaries out there.  Hashtag #spspn on twitter and FriendFeed.


Also of note #1:  The Amtrak trip between Vancouver,Canada and Seattle is beautiful!  Definitely recommended.

Also of note #2:  Oh I wish cell phone plans cared less about borders.  I need to figure out a better solution for international meeting tweeting.

March 25, 2008

PSB Open Science workshop: call for participation

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As reported by the organizers at One Big Lab and Science in the Open, PSB 2009 is going to have a 3 hour workshop devoted to Open Science. Neat, eh? What a great chance to meet and learn from others who are working this way and/or thinking about this topic! And discuss it with others who just happen to be in the PSB neighbourhood! And go to Hawaii in January! :)

I’ll definitely be submitting a talk proposal. Still brainstorming the topic. The winner in my head over the last 24 hours is “Open Science: Measuring the Costs and Benefits.” What do you think? Other ideas? Off to email Shirley and Cameron…..

March 24, 2008

Preprints of conference submissions?

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It continues to surprise me how hard [1, 2] it is to figure out the rules for publishing in most journals, particularly with respect to preprints. I’m finding the policies for publishing in conferences are just as ill-defined. This is a shame because it surely decreases sharing.

I’ve been putting my work up on Nature Precedings. I submitted a poster a few days before the ISMB conference. Nature Precedings asked me if I knew whether ISMB would permit this. I emailed to ask: they quickly responded that it was no problem. I’ve since asked PSB and ELPUB: again, no problem. I think that ELPUB did make state this during in the submission process, but in all three cases it would be great if they wrote this explictly on their websites so that people could feel free to post and discuss draft submissions… I’ll send a few emails to suggest it.

I recently asked AMIA. I was pointed to the contributor license agreement [below], which left me guessing. What does “publish” mean? For most publishers I’ve talked to it means “published in an official capacity” and they don’t count blogs or pre-print servers. Yet clearly the journals who disallow preprints disagree with this definition [quick list for Clinical Medicine, or Sherpa/RoMEO for an extensive list]. JAMIA, the official journal of AMIA, does not allow preprints. So I guess I should email AMIA again and ask for further clarification.

ETA:  I emailed again and quickly got a very clear response: Preposting is fine so long as the other sites don’t formally publish the work.”   Great news, thanks AMIA.

I’d like to “ask for forgiveness rather than permission” but the potential down-side is too great in this case. Student publication in AMIA is highly-valued in my department.

I wonder if author copyright addenda can apply to conference submissions??? I don’t see why not. Will have to keep that in mind next time.

AMIA Annual Symposium 2008 license agreement:


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