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October 12, 2010

Prelim proposal: impact of journal data sharing mandates

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Do you want to know the impact of journal policies that mandate data sharing?  Me too.  I’ve been working on a study design to correlate policy adoption by journals with changes in scientists’ attitudes, experiences, and practices around publicly archiving research datasets.

I’d love some community input because writing a good survey and design is hard.  Summary and a link to the draft questionnaire are below.  I’m still finishing up the document to be submitted to my research ethics board ASAP.  Thoughts or suggestions?  I want it to be a useful study, one that focuses on just a few questions and studies them well.

Study overview

Survey preview link (note: this link allows perusal only… survey responses are not being collected at this time)

Research questions:

  • How do authors’ attitudes, experiences, and practices around public data archiving change when the journals they publish in adopt mandatory data archiving policies?
  • Are changes specific to the journals that implement the policies, or do they extend to other journals in the same subfield?
  • Do authors believe that adoption of a mandatory data archiving policy would dissuade them from submitting to a journal?  Does that opinion change after they publish in a journal with such a policy?

Participants: Participants will be recruited from corresponding authors who publish in specific journals between November 2010 and November 2013.

Method: An invitation to the survey will be issued once a month to all corresponding authors who published in specific biology journals the prior month.  Participants will be asked to answer a brief online web questionnaire designed to elicit their practices, experiences, and opinions around public archiving of research datasets.  The answers will be compared over time, to understand if answers of authors in journals that adopt the “Joint Data Archiving Policy” (JDAP) begin to differ from those of authors in comparable within-community and outside-community journals.

Details below.

Update Oct 15 2010:  I’ve updated the proposal details with several changes, including a longer data collection timeline and an estimate of study size.

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