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September 3, 2009

Updated website

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Hi all.  I’ve updated my main website in anticipation of a plethora of dissertation-related publications.  Positive thinking, right?  Right!  Come check it out.

Hopefully I shall re-carve time to blog someday soon…

August 15, 2008

Software to cluster blog posts?

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I’m jonesing for some software.  I want to cluster/thread/map the blog posts I read and share (via Google Reader).

There are gems in there, including posts that I didn’t have a chance to read thoroughly at the time.  There are also gem topics:  explorations that gel through related posts across many authors across many months.  I want to read them again, by theme rather than post date.  I want to use the results to blog, and to pull into my research background sections, and to remind myself about what others are thinking.

I could try to retrieve related posts via full-text or tag searches, but that isn’t what I’m looking for.   I want an automatic map of all the things that I star and share:  what topics are they covering?  Computer, you tell me.

I could repurpose some of the software designed to do this for research articles or email threads, or I could hack up some of my own… but I’m betting there is an RSS-reading, blog-clustering, topic-mapping engine out there somewhere, ready to use.

Any ideas?

March 24, 2008

Blog posts don’t need a background section

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Does any one else struggle with this?

I feel the need to do a comprehensive blogosphere review of a topic prior to writing a blog post about it.   I want to cite other bloggers thinking about the same issues, read what they’ve written to make sure I’m informed (for my own benefit, and so I don’t sound dumb), and organize it all into cohesive, insightful themes.

Inconvenient, because it really raises the barrier to entry for posting.  Unnecessary, because this isn’t a journal, it is a blog.

I’ll do my best to let it go… hopefully as I get more caught up on my reading it will get a bit easier.

March 20, 2008

Springing into blogging again

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Springing into blogging again. Fall and winter have been fun: a poster and a paper accepted, two papers and another poster submitted, doctoral comprehensive exam passed, and adviser switched (to Dr Wendy Chapman from Dr Douglas Fridsma… now at Arizona State University’s new medical school). Looking forward to reengaging with the blogosphere as I ramp up my thesis focus.

I’ll start by summarizing what I’ve been working on and take it from there…

I’ve made some minor revisions to this blog, adding a few resources for data sharing and reuse:

  • Updated blogroll, including highlights (aka my shared items from Google Reader, chosen because they tickle my data sharing and reuse interest)
  • My citeUlike library, including 232-and-counting articles on data sharing plus a few on reuse, nlp, citation analysis, and whatever else was relevant to my comps.

Stay tuned!

February 7, 2008

Plug for PSB Session on Open Science

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Hi Blogosphere!  I’ve missed you.  Hope to re-engage in the next month or two.   Briefly in the mean time….

I want to offer public support and a last-minute plug: Shirley Wu and Cameron Neylon are proposing a session on Open Science at next year’s PSB meeting.  Fantastic idea.

You can help… if you’d like to attend and/or submit a presentation, please send them a letter stating such by tomorrow noon PST.  Details here.

I’m sold.  PSB is a first-rate conference, it would be a unique opportunity to bring together perspectives on Open Science developments, I’d love to meet others in the community, and yup… it is in Hawaii in January.

Off to write my “I’ll definitely submit a research paper on data sharing and reuse” email,


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