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April 2, 2008

A Centralized Proposal Repository

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I actively support Nature Precedings as a place to archive my early research findings for visibility, feedback, and attribution. I recently submitted a research proposal. Precedings does a spot-check of all submissions to verify appropriateness. It usually takes a day or two, and results in an automated response stating that your submission has been posted. In this case, I received a personal, thoughtful email explaining that although Nature Precedings had published proposals in the past, they are moving away from this practice to concentrate on their core goal of “a repository for manuscripts, posters, and presentations describing completed research.”

I see the issue. On one hand, if the goal of a preprint is to get feedback and attribution for research ideas, what better time to do it than at the proposal stage. On the other hand, ideas are a dime a dozen and so it might not be scalable for Nature Precedings.

Sounds like we need another solution. There was a letter to Nature just recently (highlighted by Maxine Clarke in Nautilus), calling for a Centralized Proposal Repository. This idea is grander than simply a wiki for feedback and attribution. Dr Harel is suggesting it could also be searched by funders, to identify projects which match their interests.

Dr Harel expands on this idea on his website and links to the beginning of a Centralized Proposal Repository wiki.

Great idea, and I think right up the alley of open science. The wiki seems to be Protected (to limit spammers?) I’ll go ask to join, and keep you updated on what I learn.

ETA: Looks like Jean-Claude Bradley was involved in the set-up of the wiki. Great stuff!

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