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March 25, 2008

PSB Open Science workshop: call for participation

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As reported by the organizers at One Big Lab and Science in the Open, PSB 2009 is going to have a 3 hour workshop devoted to Open Science. Neat, eh? What a great chance to meet and learn from others who are working this way and/or thinking about this topic! And discuss it with others who just happen to be in the PSB neighbourhood! And go to Hawaii in January! :)

I’ll definitely be submitting a talk proposal. Still brainstorming the topic. The winner in my head over the last 24 hours is “Open Science: Measuring the Costs and Benefits.” What do you think? Other ideas? Off to email Shirley and Cameron…..

February 8, 2008

Letter of support for PSB session on Open Science

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Dear PSB organizers,

I fully support the proposal for a session on Open Science at PSB 2009, and commit to submitting a research paper on data sharing and reuse.

The specific research topic will be derived from my doctoral dissertation, related to measuring the prevalence, patterns, causes, benefits, and motivations for biomedical data sharing and reuse.  I have a previous publication in this area (“Sharing Detailed Research Data Is Associated with Increased Citation Rate” at PLoS ONE), a few posters (including one at PSB 2008), and several papers in draft.  The paper will be co-authored with Dr Wendy Chapman.

I believe that Open Science definitely constitutes a “hot topic” within biocomputing, and has the potential to fundamentally change the way we think about our work.  The topic is relevant to data producers and data consumers, biologists and computer scientists, all with varied perspectives.

Discussion and measurement of benefits, hurdles, progress, and best practices could (and is) taking place in blogs, the popular press, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, and scattered research papers.  A session at PSB would be a unique opportunity to give this emerging meta-approach the serious examination it deserves.

Thank you for considering this proposal.


Heather Piwowar
Doctoral Student
Department of Biomedical Informatics
University of Pittsburgh

February 7, 2008

Plug for PSB Session on Open Science

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Hi Blogosphere!  I’ve missed you.  Hope to re-engage in the next month or two.   Briefly in the mean time….

I want to offer public support and a last-minute plug: Shirley Wu and Cameron Neylon are proposing a session on Open Science at next year’s PSB meeting.  Fantastic idea.

You can help… if you’d like to attend and/or submit a presentation, please send them a letter stating such by tomorrow noon PST.  Details here.

I’m sold.  PSB is a first-rate conference, it would be a unique opportunity to bring together perspectives on Open Science developments, I’d love to meet others in the community, and yup… it is in Hawaii in January.

Off to write my “I’ll definitely submit a research paper on data sharing and reuse” email,


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