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February 24, 2010

Thanks, Science Commons Symposium

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Thank you, Lisa Green and Hope Leman.  Thank you, all the speakers and participants who travelled from far and wide to Seattle.  The recent Science Commons Symposium, Pacific Northwest, was fantastic.

I met, in person, many people I’d only corresponded with on the intertubes, and met many others I’m looking forward to corresponding with in the future.  I was inspired, informed, reinspired.

I’m still head-down in my thesis and so won’t give a rundown of the presentations or discussions.  For those of you who missed it, there are several great summaries out there.  Hashtag #spspn on twitter and FriendFeed.


Also of note #1:  The Amtrak trip between Vancouver,Canada and Seattle is beautiful!  Definitely recommended.

Also of note #2:  Oh I wish cell phone plans cared less about borders.  I need to figure out a better solution for international meeting tweeting.

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